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Looking for Props for a production? Is your squadron deploying overseas and needs pre-deployment training props for your mock village, or props for your urban terrain? Is there a specific theatre re-enactment training exercises that needs to be executed? We got you covered. We manufacture nearly thousands of props for Film Productions, and Military exercises. We are the only prop manufacturing company that brings a village set to life. From Farm Animals to Imported cultural goods, we got it or can get it! Located in Los Angeles, California we are your number one source to make any of your sets culturally realistic.
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  1. RMVH

    Relocatable Modular Village Hut by OPFOR Solutions, Inc.
  2. Faux Seatrout Carcass


    Faux Seatrout Carcass Prop

  3. Faux Pig


    Faux Pig

  4. Realistic Cow


    Faux Cow

  5. Faux K9 Dog


    Lifelike German Shepard/k9 Dog

  6. Fish Cart Vendor

    Mobile Cart Fish Vendor

  7. Egg Cart Vendor

    Mobile Cart Egg Vendor

  8. Vegetable Cart Vendor

    Mobile Veggie Cart Vendor

  9. Butcher Cart Vendor

    Mobile Cart Butcher Vendor

  10. Bicycle Repair Vendor

    Bicycle Repair Vendor Training Kit

  11. Clothing Vendor

    Clothing Vendor Training Kit

  12. Electronic Vendor

    Electronic Vendor Training Kit

  13. Tailor Vendor


    Tailor Vendor Training Kit

  14. Market Place - Appliance Vendor


    Appliance Vendor Training Kit

  15. Tomato Field Training Aid

    Faux Tomato Field Training Aid

  16. Faux Carrot Field Training Aid

    Faux Carrot Field Training Aid

  17. Seating Mattress - Toshak

    Seat Mattress - Toshak
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