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    Dry Fruit Vendor Training Aid

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    Product Description

    Third world re-enactmens have never been easier. OPFOR Solutions replicated Dry Fruit Vendor is found in many countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc. its definintly a great set staging prop. Highly Durable Foam, UV & Fire Resistant Coating. Glued in place. Kit will be manufactured based on AOR. (Area of Responsibility). Great for all types of scenarios; military training, law enforcement training, Hollywood sets, music videos, plays, etc. Every atmosphere is built to accommodate a 10'x10' (100 Sq. Ft.) unit of measure. 


    • 2 Aged Tables
    • 10 Sacks w/ Assortment of Dry Fruits
    • 10 Pricing Tags - Laminated (Written in Region Specific language)
    • 2 Chairs


    *Requires a minimum of two weeks of lead time, made to order 


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