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Culturally Authentic Training
0 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
11/10/2013 10:21 PM
Our Warfighters continually face trial and error in the field, but does that mean they should make the same mistake over and over again, right?...
Graveyard Props
0 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
5/11/2014 7:19 PM
"When the complexity of the environment is coupled with the operational tempo, it places great stress on our units and leaders.  At the CTCs, units and leaders will make mistakes, but from those mistakes, we will learn -- and learning before going to combat will save lives." said Brig....
Farming Crop Props
2 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
7/16/2014 7:31 PM
Understanding of agricultural needs and struggles of a particular region is something our war fighters have had difficulties through out the years. Familiarity with the values and cultures of these countries allows resources to be used more efficiently and allows the war...
Region Specific Improvised Explosive Kits
0 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
8/18/2015 11:15 AM
Looking for a region specific Inert Improvised Explosive Kit that suits your training exercise? OPFOR Solutions, has exactly what your looking for with realistic looking Inert goods. ...
OPFOR Solutions, Inc Awarded GSA Schedule 84
0 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
1/15/2016 8:32 PM
Los Angeles, CA / January 15th, 2016: OPFOR Solutions, Inc. the leading provider of Cultural Apparel and Realisitic Props, today announced that it has been awarded GSA Schedule 84 – Total Solutions Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft,...
OPFOR Solutions Launches New Website
0 Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
4/4/2016 9:30 AM
Los Angeles, CA / April 4th, 2016: OPFOR Solutions, Inc. the leading provider of Cultural Apparel and Realistic Props, is inviting visitors to explore its new website and E-Shopping site. The new website has been designed to provide ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation...
I/ITSEC 2016
Comments | Posted By Moe Noorzai
12/7/2016 11:18 PM
OPFOR Solutions will be attending the 2016 I/ITSEC Convention showcasing three of its major products.  Medical Simulation Trainer Atmospheric Props Opfor Surrogated Wheeled Vehicle (Decoy) ...