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2014 Apparel Catalog - South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America

Download our latest apparel catalog, we've brought to you cultural apparel from countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Colombia, and much more.

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As our war fighters engage in diverse operations that range from peacekeeping to disaster relief in diverse locations around the world, the quality of the relationships that our war fighters build with people, both in and out of uniform, is critical to their mission success. Warfighter’s need to be able to work effectively with people from all different types of cultures that may be significantly different from their own. Cultural ¬†Training Awareness & the Realism to Military Training is a crucial aspect to todays training exercises. OPFOR Solutions, Inc. Imports, Manufactures, and Develops¬†Cultural Training Aids; Apparel¬†& Atmospheric Props from all over the world and strives to make your training facility culturally realistic.

Cultural Apparel & Foreign Military Uniforms for cultural training awareness exercises. Deploying to the Middle East or the Pacific Rim? Need of Cultural Apparel training kits? Realistic Training is what we strive for, take a look….
Your organization can purchase atmospherics & set staging props to better assist you for your Cultural Training exercise. All our atmospherics props are made here in the U.S. OPFOR Solutions has been setting stages for hollywood and military MOUT & Urban Sites for over 7 years now…
Opfor Solutions is bringing Inert Products due to the demand from our clients. If your looking for Replicated Weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), Artillery Projectiles, and more we got you covered…
We understand that there are budget cuts, we know that you don’t have enough funds to cover your training exercises. Thats why we’ve developed Wound Wear – Apparel with Replicated Wounds installed so you can cut the expense of a Make-up Artist.