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2014 Catalog - South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America

Download our latest catalog, we've added countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Colombia, and much more.

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South Asia

Al Qaeda exists in many countries, however we’ve been able to bring apparel to their most recent movements Afghanistan, & Pakistan…Learn More


Training Materials for countries like Africa can be difficult to find, but OPFOR Solutions has you covered with the LRA’s Militant wear, Sudanese Ethnic Apparel, and more…Learn More

South America

From the most recent movements of the Farc’s to the ALP Rebels, we can supply apparel & Atmospherics from any nation at war.Learn More

Middle East

Terrorist groups such as the Hezbollah & Al-Qaeda have many outfits. OPFOR Solutions can provide you the outfits for your deployment preparation & operation readiness.Learn



Opfor Solutions, Inc. brings you Opposing Force Products & Materials for your training exercises. If you have a training mission and need an item that can help better prepare you for your deployment…give us a call! ¬†We have products from countries such as – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Colombia, Korea, etc. We manufacturer all Ethnic Clothing, Foreign Military Uniforms, Atmospherics, Decoy products, and much more. We’ve worked with the MARSOC, NAVSOC, AFSOC, AFRICOM, PACOM, OEF, OIF, Role Playing companies, and much more. We import & manufacturer our goods for military training purposes, Theatrical films/plays, and for the Air-soft community.