Vehicle Repair Shop

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    Vehicle Repair Shop

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    Product Description

    OPFOR Solutions Vehicle repair shop is one of a kind, specifically put together for village simulations. Real vehicle car parts are put together to form a region specific vehicle repair vendor. Parts including Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Diatsu, etc. can be combined. Tool kits options are available for safety purposes, including real car tools, polyurethane tools, plastic tools, or rubber tools. Customize the kit as you please.

    *Custom theatre specific signage/banners and aged vehicles sold separately. Good for roughly a 10'x10' vendor space. 

    Kit Includes: 30 assorted vehicle car parts, set of fire resistant polyurethane mechanical tools; philips screw driver, flat head screw driver, 6 assorted size wrenches, 3 assorted sized ratches, 12 sockets, pliers, and hammer, including one aged 6'x4' wooden table. 

    • 30 Cart Parts
    • Set of Tools
    • 1 Aged Wooden Table

    *Requires a minimum of two weeks of lead time, made to order.  


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