OPFOR Solutions, Inc. – Products

With over 500 + Products, OPFOR is the worlds first to market Cultural Training Aids provider in the world.


Here at OPFOR Solutions one of our missions is to provide our war fighters the correct cultural and realistic garbs for a more realistic training exercise. Our  Apparel Cultural Training Aids, are all made to better assist our war fighters, all made in the U.S. these culturally accurate uniforms but to create a better and more realistic stage.


OPFOR Solutions is known for first-to-market using alternative cultural fabricated props/training kits for MOUT facilities, to not only better enhance, but to better pioneer and create cost-effective training aids. Our Atmospheric props are specifically made for extreme weather conditions and durability for longer lifetime. As such MOUT atmospherics is relative to the end users area of responsibility (AOR). Our team is dedicated and extremely committed in providing the end users requirements and to replicate the AOR with culturally realistic detail.