Innovative Reasoning LLC
Provides the highest quality professional support services professionals to the Marine Corps in areas of Project Management, Acquisitions Logistics, System Acquisitions, and Administration. IR supports each stage of Systems Acquisition, from Research and Development to Life Cycle Management and Delivery of Training.
Specpro Technical Services
GTS provides full service role player training services for operational scenario training. STS provides DOD experienced logisticians to provide the effective training for sustainable and affordable training. They also provide development capabilities in the area of software, manuals, and training programs. 
Inert Products LLC
Inert Products, LLC. designs, produces, and distributes high quality, inert training aids that withstand punishment in the field. It’s their goal to produce the most realistic training aids available on the market today while keeping them cost effective and durable. 
Salvator a Swedish company designs and manufactures interactive training simulators to provide realistic scenarios for training. Focusing on safety, realism, economy and environment, we have developed a system using light, audio and smoke generators.
The leader in state-of-the-art effects support for entertainment, industrial and government clients. Expertise in mechanical/physical effects, pyrotechnics, atmospheric, stunts, custom props and battlefield effects.