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Blog - Graveyard Props

Graveyard Props
By Moe Noorzai 5/11/2014 7:19 PM Comments

We've had a few clients request Graveyard props. So we've decided to add it to our Atmospherics catalog. With Africa & South Asia missions still at task, its keen to have realistic props during training exercises. 

This Graveyard includes 5 headstones & 5 rock burials. Headstones will vary in size 1ft - 3ft and will include Arabic letters/names. Rock burials will include 8-12 rocks per burial. Product delivery depends on quantity of the order however basic orders are delivered 1-2 weeks. Burial Ground/Graveyard props are made of high density foam so it can take the brutality of any weather conditions. 

"When the complexity of the environment is coupled with the operational tempo, it places great stress on our units and leaders.  At the CTCs, units and leaders will make mistakes, but from those mistakes, we will learn -- and learning before going to combat will save lives." said Brig. Gen. Charlie Flynn.


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