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Farming Crop Props
By Moe Noorzai 7/16/2014 7:31 PM Comments

Understanding of agricultural needs and struggles of a particular region is something our war fighters have had difficulties through out the years. Familiarity with the values and cultures of these countries allows resources to be used more efficiently and allows the war fighters to better assist the people of those regions.

“The best way to understand them is to understand their livelihood,” said Staff Sgt. Michael W. King, a USMC Civil Affairs Specialist. “And their livelihood is agriculture.”

Some service members grew up on farms in the U.S. and try to apply western methods overseas, but the systems are completely different. Our war fighters have to understand the situation of our allied nations farmers and be very strategic with their help to make sure we don’t cause any difficulties or harm. 

These kinds of hollywood style stage setting can help our war fighters know what to expect and have an idea on how to make a difference. Together with these type of Replicated Plant Crop Fields can help our Home Station Operational Environments realistic and prepare our men and women in service for their deployments. 

Each Crop Field kit comes based on a 10' x 10' open field. All kits will range from $3,000 - $8,000

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