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Blog - AUSA 2018

AUSA 2018
By Moe Noorzai 9/15/2018 12:47 PM Comments

This year we will be attending the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2018 Tradeshow, Booth 8822 (Accross from AM General) showcasing our Atmospherics Set Staging Capabilities. 


RMVH - Relocatable Modular Village Hut

Modular Huts are the best way to provide an easy add-on structure to an existing training MOUT. These structures are easily built and modular allowing for multiple forms of reconfiguartion. RMVH's are perfect for if your range is looking for specific Area of Region (AOR) atmospherics. 


Schools have been a huge topic through out these past few years. OPFOR has manufacturing capabilities of providing the most geo-specific training mannequins. During the AUSA tradeshow we will be showcasing our most recent mannequin manufactured specifically for the North Korean region. 


Opfor Surrogated Wheeled Vehicle (Decoy)

We developed a decoy for tank on tank type of live training scenarios in which our product can depict opfor artillery tanks. Our prototype RC Humvee will be showcased. 

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